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Moxie Week 2024: A Weeklong Celebration of Self-Love Through Learning

Two years ago, our new direction here at Moxie Marketing began to take shape. While we had always been a team of purpose-driven marketers seeking to help similarly purpose-driven brands learn how to market with heart, it wasn’t until 2022 that we began plotting out a roadmap to building an empire of love. It was a path that would lead us to pivot toward restructuring our business to give us the greatest ability to reach and teach as many nonprofit professionals as possible, so they can create for the highest good.

It was through that restructuring that in August of last year we were able to finally open the virtual doors of our Nonprofit Marketing Academy and create a community where Loving Warriors from across the the country could come together in one place to not only seek opportunities to learn how to most effectively drive their missions and causes forward in a successful and sustainable way, but gain tools and resources to make it easy. 

This year, it’s become our goal to take that a step further by creating space for nonprofit professionals to be able to learn not only from what we can offer but from each other, too. After all, every person has a unique background of knowledge and experiences that no one else does. The more inclusive our community becomes, the better we all become.

We started this goal by beginning 2024 with a re-envisioned and reignited Loving Warrior Digital Community exclusive to the members of our Nonprofit Marketing Academy. Now we ask ourselves how we can cast an even wider net to create a space for all the Loving Warriors (whether a member of Nonprofit Marketing Academy or not) to join us for an opportunity to learn from the real successes of some of our nonprofit partners and do that in a way that is both accessible and practical.

That’s why we decided to dedicate this year’s Moxie Week to be a weeklong celebration of self-love through learning. No longer just a week for us to celebrate with our clients about where we’ve come and where we’re going with our service offerings, this year we are inviting all purpose-driven professionals to a series of learning opportunities aimed to help them not only reach their mission related goals but make space to grow as professionals and as people. Each day of the week will offer a new digital classroom open to all, where we will share practical training, best practices, strategies, and lessons learned. See the schedule below:

We can’t wait to open and share these spaces and this knowledge with you, and we encourage you to click here to save your spot now! Even if you are unable to attend, registering will help ensure that you get a recording of the webinars you miss. 

Know other nonprofits or nonprofit professionals that could use help targeting, reaching, and nurturing their audiences or could just use a supportive community? Let them know about us! We’d love to welcome them and help each other grow.

To learn more about Moxie Marketing’s Nonprofit Marketing Academy click here.


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