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Building a Community of Loving Warriors | Letter from our CEO

There is something very special about a loving warrior, yet it’s not a term used to describe people very often.

In fact, if you google the term ‘loving warrior,’ most of the search results that appear are for a book called Love Warrior. This is about to change…

Before I share about Moxie’s plans to build a community of loving warriors (and dominate the first page of search results 😉), I’d like to share why the term resonates with me so deeply...

Last October, I was talking to a therapist about difficult decisions I was making to follow what was in alignment with my heart. He told me that I was strong and I think I winced. He noticed my reaction, closed his eyes like he was channeling something and continued to say, “but like a loving warrior.” I immediately latched onto the term – I finally felt seen, and it’s become part of my identity ever since.

As I’ve thought about what it means to be a loving warrior, I realized that nonprofit professionals are basically an embodiment of this term. They are warriors because they fight invisible battles every day. They are loving warriors because they use love to fight those battles.

So as Moxie forges ahead to build an empire of love, it only makes sense to build a community of loving warriors through our Nonprofit Marketing Academy, which we will be relaunching this year! In order to make space for this endeavor, we had to make the difficult decision of ending some of our client contracts. It took a huge leap of faith, but I knew in my heart if we didn’t make this change, we wouldn’t be able to advance in our vision.

To be very honest, I had been feeling constantly defeated that it was taking me “so long” to get traction to relaunch the academy until I realized that the concept of building a community of loving warriors would have been a missing piece. And then last week, another very important piece of the puzzle came together…

I was processing thoughts with a therapist (yes, I do this a lot) about how my experience of being a loving warrior for others without putting myself first had led to my own burnout and resentment and how I wanted the academy to provide tools to help others prevent that.

She reflected on what I said and responded, "So, getting people to ask if they are a loving warrior for themselves." The directness of how she phrased it back to me packed a punch and made things crystal clear – we are not only going to build a community of loving warriors for others but for themselves. BOOM 💥

Now I can see that I had to go through the journey of becoming a loving warrior for myself first in order to build the academy in a way that will help loving warriors thrive both professionally and personally.

So today I want to remind you to trust in the timing of your life and ask yourself a very important question: Are you a loving warrior for yourself? 💗

Today, our team is taking some time to answer that very question and I hope you will do the same.

With all of my love,


PS - To those of you who shared your take on what it means to be a loving warrior, THANK YOU! Your responses were all so inspiring and proved the dynamic and personal nature of the term. The through line is love and that is pretty magical if you ask me.

PSS - This is just the beginning and I am committed to sharing monthly updates via this blog as we progress to build an empire of love and community of loving warriors.


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