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Moxie Marketing Agency Launches Heart-Centered Monthly Membership for Nonprofit Professionals

Irvine, Calif. – Moxie Marketing Agency is thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new monthly membership for its Nonprofit Marketing Academy, designed exclusively for nonprofit marketing professionals who lead with their heart to make a positive impact on the world. The heart-centered membership is set to debut on August 24, 2023, marking a new era of support, growth, and connection for the nonprofit sector.

Dedicated to empowering nonprofit professionals with holistic marketing strategies, the Nonprofit Marketing Academy aims to equip "loving warriors," as they affectionately call their audience of nonprofit professionals, with the tools and knowledge needed to market with both passion and purpose. With a mission to provide comprehensive resources that nurture personal and professional growth, the academy is proud to introduce its new monthly membership.

As part of this exciting launch, nonprofit professionals can access a 30-day free trial. This trial provides complimentary access to an extensive vault of training videos, engaging worksheets, and resources created for nonprofits. In addition, members gain the opportunity to connect with fellow nonprofit marketing professionals through its “Loving Warrior Community,” which hosts interactive challenges designed to foster personal and collective growth.

The monthly membership is a treasure trove of benefits, including a library of marketing hacks designed to help nonprofit professionals save time to prevent burnout, so they can focus on harnessing their creativity to move their mission forward. Notably, members will gain access to an online course titled "The heART of Marketing," which embodies the academy's unique approach to merging heartfelt values with strategic marketing techniques.

Founder and CEO Jeanette Valencia, shared her motivation for reinvigorating the Nonprofit Marketing Academy: "After navigating challenges, including the impact of the pandemic and personal struggles, our team is more determined than ever to support nonprofit professionals. We recognize the unique battles they face each day with love and compassion. With the heart-centered monthly membership, we are providing a space for loving warriors to connect, learn, and grow while staying true to their heart's calling."

For the first 100 annual tier members, Nonprofit Marketing Academy introduces the exclusive "Founders Club." This elite club offers unparalleled benefits, including all features of the monthly membership, along with a free social media audit, quarterly content drops, a live monthly Q&A session, voting power on upcoming training and events, and complimentary admission to in-person gatherings. Founders Club members will also enjoy a grandfathered annual renewal rate, ensuring they continue to benefit from the same annual rate for life.

Nonprofit Marketing Academy's re-emergence follows a period of hiatus prompted by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, client commitments through its parent agency Moxie Marketing Agency, and personal struggles, which Valencia shared in a Youtube video earlier this year. With renewed dedication, the Nonprofit Marketing Academy is poised to inspire and empower nonprofit professionals once again.

For more information about the Nonprofit Marketing Academy's heart-centered monthly membership and how it can support nonprofit professionals on their journey, please visit

About Nonprofit Marketing Academy:

Nonprofit Marketing Academy is a dedicated platform committed to equipping nonprofit professionals with the tools, knowledge, and community needed to market with heart. Founded in 2018, the academy embraces the challenges faced by nonprofit professionals, acknowledging them as "loving warriors" who courageously fight invisible battles with love. Through its membership offering and resources, Nonprofit Marketing Academy empowers individuals to create meaningful change while nurturing their personal growth.


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