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ICYMI: Celebrating Love and Kindness through #MoxieWeek 2023

In 2022, we were proud to introduce our first annual #MoxieWeek. Strategically placed between Valentine's Day and Random Acts of Kindness Day in February, it was created as an opportunity to not only celebrate love and kindness, but to showcase how Moxie is actively working to fill the world with both.

In 2022, Moxie Week gave us the opportunity to share our new vision to build an empire of love and how we planned to execute it. This year, in 2023, we got to share our next phase of building of that empire by unveiling our plans to build a community of Loving Warriors.

But that's not all. Moxie Week has continued to give us an opportunity to simply share kindness and resources to our clients and community. Here are just a few ways we accomplished this this year.

Day 1: Treated Our Clients to Starbucks

There are few things that make us excited to open our email quite like a tasty surprise in our inbox! We kicked off Moxie Week festivities with a bar code good for a free treat or drink for our clients and staff.

Day 2: Celebrated Valentine's Day By Promoting Self Love

Here at Moxie, we believe in the power of self love, and what better day to promote it than on the Day of Love itself? We asked our staff to share some of their favorite resources to help practice self love, from a self love playlist to an anti-planner, and shared them in this blog.

Day 3: Shared Our Plans to Build a Community of Loving Warriors

Earlier in the month, we asked our clients: "What is a Loving Warrior?" We invited them to submit their responses for the chance to win a prize for the best answer.

We then unveiled what being a "loving warrior" means to us through a letter from our CEO, Jeanette Knutti, where she introduced the origin of the term and how we plan to create a community of loving warriors through our Nonprofit Marketing Academy, which we were excited to announce will be relaunching this year!

Day 4: Shared Ways to Spread Kindness for #RandomActsofKindness Week

Our team put on their 'kindness fairy' wings and went out into the community to share ideas on how to spread kindness, from sharing doggy goodie bags at the dog park to leaving sweet notes and stickers on people's cars for them to find. We compiled those ideas into a reel, which you can watch here!

Day 5: Celebrated Love, Kindness, and a Baby with a Moxie Week Lunch Party

We're excited to welcome our very first #TeamMoxie baby, and what better opportunity is there to celebrate new love coming into the world?! We invited our clients and staff to a lunch party at SteelCraft in Garden Grove, where we served delicious food from Barrio and offered our guests a free beer, coffee, or boba if they brought a pack of diapers for the new mama-to-be. We also treated all our guests to a little magic in a bag, filled with small gifts to thank them for their kindness.

Overall, #MoxieWeek was once again a successful way for us to get inspired and share our excitement about the direction Moxie is headed in the future. We can't wait to share more developments with you in the coming months.


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