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5 Ways to Practice Self Love this Valentine's Day

Here at Moxie, we believe in the power of love and kindness, and we created #MoxieWeek as an opportunity to celebrate it. Many of you work for nonprofits because you are passionate about a cause, you wear your heart on your sleeve, and you are determined to shine love out into the world. You are a loving warrior, fighting invisible battles day-in and day-out to create light and make life better for others, but sometimes it’s at the expense and sacrifice of your own well-being.

We see you. But our ultimate hope is that you also see and love yourself – not just for all you do for those around you but just because you are YOU.

To love yourself is to accept and appreciate yourself exactly as you are. And when you practice self love, you develop a positive relationship with yourself and treat yourself with the kindness, respect and compassion you deserve and give without reservation to others.

We know the journey to self love can be challenging at times, which is why we want to help! Our team members all offered their own favorite self love ideas and resources below.

1. Self Love Playlist

“I curated this playlist to connect to love. Music has the power to shift our mood and can be therapeutic. I have listened to this playlist to connect back to love when I am feeling down or to connect further into love as a form of self care.” – Jeanette

Listen to it here.

2. Sticky Notes to Self

“To give you positive encouragement throughout the day, place fun and positive sticky notes around your home/office/car. Maybe a fun quote from one of our favorite authors, a favorite line from your favorite song, or something as simple as ‘HAVE A GREAT DAY’ or ‘KICK ASS AND TAKE NAMES’ if you’re feeling frisky.” – Jamie

3. Self Love Meditation

“A 15-minute self-love meditation helps you slow down, be present, and focus on being aware of yourself. It improves well-being if you feel stressed, tense, or low energy. I like short ones like this because I can do it easily any time of the day (like during my lunch break, before going to sleep or starting my day). I often get lost in my thoughts and forget to breathe, and this practice is perfect for returning to the present moment.” – Lotta

Listen to it here.

4. The Anti-Planner

This Anti-Planner helps me focus on the important things and chill out when I start to over analyze everything. As someone who writes a lot of to-do lists and project plans, the Anti-Planner is a healthy reminder that it’s just an important to take inventory of what tasks and habits are keeping me from feeling my best.” – Savanah

Check it out here.

5. Nature Walk

“When so many hours of my day are taken up by sitting stationary indoors and in front of screens, there is nothing that makes me feel more connected to myself, the world around me, and to love quite like a walk outside through nature. It doesn’t have to be long, but walking silently to just listen to the natural sounds of the wind, water, and/or natural foliage really helps to ground me and remind me of just how beautiful life is and that I am a part of something greater than myself. And the opportunity to move through space reminds me of the great and simple things that my mind and body are capable of.” – Allison

Check out some favorite nature walks around Orange County here.


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