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What’s New at Moxie + Mental Health Awareness Month

Updated: May 11, 2023

May is here and #TeamMoxie has set our sails to the land of more creation!

Following our hearts to get closer to our vision required off-boarding some of our long-time clients.

With the arrival of May, our team now has space to architect online offerings while supporting our remaining service-based clients. This means we will not be accepting new clients for the foreseeable future as we forge ahead to create.

One of the things we are most excited about creating is our Nonprofit Marketing Academy. We hit pause on this project during COVID to support the needs of our service-based clients but we never lost sight of our vision.

Through the academy, we will offer nonprofit professionals a subscription-based membership that provides all the tips and tricks we use to create marketing campaigns with heart. Our goal is to help members save time while reducing burnout.

Because wellbeing is a part of Moxie's culture, the academy will reflect that by encouraging members to be loving warriors for themselves. It is important that what we offer helps members thrive professionally and personally.

In addition to the Nonprofit Marketing Academy, we are excited to collaborate with purpose-driven brands that value putting more love into the world.

These collaborations will range from having conversations on our Nonprofit Marketing YouTube channel to creating content that inspires conversations around topics like self love and mental health.

Speaking of mental health, May is #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth. We are launching a ‘Let’s Get Naked’ campaign for the 3rd annual Mental Health Action Day on May 18th to encourage self knowledge conversations.

And because we have a culture that supports our team members’ in being loving warriors for themselves, we are going dark on May 25th and May 26th for a retreat in nature to help our team reset. We’ll share more about the trip in a June blog post.

If you are a nonprofit professional who would like to stay updated on our Nonprofit Marketing Academy, click here and subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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