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What Action Should You Take for Mental Health Action Day? Take a Break!

Like in years past, Moxie is in proud partnership with over 2,000 other nonprofits, brands, government agencies, and influential leaders from across 32 countries to promote Mental Health Action Day, a day in which to shift mental health awareness into tangible action.

In past years, we've encouraged you to Be Kind to Yourself and to Get Naked by having a vulnerable conversation with yourself. This year, we're encouraging you to do something a little more simple but no less powerfultake a break!

Why It's Worth It to Take a Brain Break

Did you know that just a few minutes away from your workstation can boost your creativity and reduce stress? It’s all about giving your brain a moment to reboot.

We know it can be hard to give yourself permission to take a break, but know that not only do you deserve the break, but it may also help you work more effectively also.

Below, we've curated just a few of our favorite ways to give your mind a moment of rest in the middle of a busy day.

Feeling overwhelmed with your workload? There are several great brain breaks you can do without even leaving your desk.

  • Play a Quick Game: Even if it is still actively using your mind, doing something fun that you enjoy can still alleviate some stress felt from your tasks.

  • Watch Some Feel Good Videos: Whether cute cat videos or adorable affirmations, watch some videos that uplift you.

  • Take a Physiological Sigh: One of the most effective ways to reset, it just involves two short inhales followed by one long exhale.

  • Quick Mindfulness Meditation: Close your eyes, relax your body, and take a few deep breaths.

  • Stretch: It's important to move your body, and you don't have to leave your chair to do so (though we encourage it!).

Sometimes it helps just to move yourself out of your seat, even if you don't go far. Here are some great strategies to take a break away from your desk that will help you recharge.

  • Do a Quick Workout: Whether some simple yoga or something a little more active, moving your body is always a great way to revitalize!

  • Socialize with Others: If you're working from home, take some time to chat or spend with other family members (even if on FaceTime!). If you're at the office, hangout by the water cooler for a few minutes and build connections with your coworkers.

  • Take a Nap: Sometimes catching a few Zzz's is exactly what you need! Whether a 15 minute power nap on the couch or in your car, set a timer and close your eyes to recharge.

Sometimes it helps immensely to take some time outdoors. It doesn't mean you have to go far. It just means changing your location or breathing in some fresh air.

  • Stand in the Sun with Your Eyes Closed: Just soak in the warmth and concentrate on nothing but the feeling of the air and the sunlight on your face.

  • Take a Walk: This could be on a nearby nature trail, around the block, or even just around the building!

  • Go Out for Lunch or Coffee: You can go with a friend or by yourself, but take some time to get away to enjoy your meal or beverage outside of your work space. To save money, you can even just pack a picnic from home and sit outside to enjoy it.

Want to take an even greater action for your mental health? While enjoying these brain breaks, consider taking a bigger step by creating a Mental Health Action Plan. This year, our Nonprofit Marketing Academy has compiled resources to help you craft a plan tailored to your needs. Sign up for free!

For more on Mental Health Action Day, check out more resources here.


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