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NOW AVAILABLE! Our Monthly Membership for Nonprofit Professionals!

#TeamMoxie is so proud to announce that today we officially launched our exciting new Nonprofit Marketing Academy's Monthly Membership!

Our membership is designed to support nonprofit professionals on their journey. Our NEW monthly membership for nonprofit professionals offers marketing training, templates, and resources for nonprofits while helping you along your self-discovery journey so you can unlock more of your creativity.

The monthly membership includes:

  • Our Marketing Hacks Library

  • Signature Nonprofit Marketing Courses

  • Templates, Worksheets & Swipe Files

  • Discounts and Deals for Nonprofit Professionals

  • On-Demand Trainings

  • LIVE Monthly Q&A

  • Curated Photos & Trending Audio for Nonprofits

We want to help you be a loving warrior for yourself, so your heart can stay charged to make a difference. When you join our monthly membership, you'll become a member of our loving warrior community to connect with like-hearted nonprofit professionals.

As a nonprofit professional, you're a force for change, and Moxie Marketing and the Nonprofit Marketing Academy stand by you.

Stay tuned for updates and details! For more information, visit


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