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Road-Tripping into Our Next Chapter

With trust and open hearts, #TeamMoxie embarked on an unconventional work trip last week to reset and mark a historic moment for our company as we begin to create courses for nonprofits.

We teamed up with the crew at Writing Raw who share a passion for creating content that puts more love into the world – the kind that starts internally and bleeds out.

Our goal was to create a container for reflection, vulnerable conversations, and inspiration to help team members in their journey of being loving warriors for themselves. Take a look at some of the incredible moments we experienced:

Over 4 days, we drove 796 miles from Lake Tahoe to Calaveras Big Tree State Park to Yosemite National Park. Our teams spent 20 hours in 2 SUVs together allowing for profound and vulnerable conversations.

If you're wondering what kind of conversations we had, the founder of Writing Raw and his team recorded this podcast episode while we were in Yosemite to share how he went from being hopeless to finding peace.

The beautiful thing about the conversations we shared is that we all learned we have faced traumas and were able to share insights and support with each other -- some team members shared things they've never told anyone before.

Here are a few takeaways from #TeamMoxie:

Hearing other people's stories helped me to open up. I learned that we all have stories to tell. It's not a shame to be open and share them with people you trust. Sharing life stories helps us understand each other more and be more empathic. This trip, the people, and the safe space made me open up more than ever about that fragile side of me and dive underneath the cover. - Lotta
It was nice to "unplug" from social media. Sometimes you just need to be in nature to get a mental recharge. - Jamie
Connecting with nature and my inner child. The sequoia trees, the beauty of Yosemite and our campfire discussions evoked a profound sense of nostalgia, reminding me of the joy and wonder I felt during the camping and road tripping days from my childhood and teen years. - Savanah
Nature has been a huge part of my healing and I wanted to share that with the team. I was surprised that team members took the opportunity to share so vulnerably when the space was provided. It made me proud of the culture we are creating and reinforces the need to create these kind of opportunities. - Jeanette

This trip was a reflection of our companies' hearts and commitments to focus on the things that really matter in life. We only have a short time on this earth and we have the ability to make a difference through the experiences we create and the work that we put out into the world.

A huge thank you to the team at Writing Raw for sharing your energy and creating a safe space for this collaboration.


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