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Our Be Kind To Yourself Children's Book is Available on Kickstarter

In February, we shared our vision to 'build an empire of love.' Today, we are excited to share a manifestation of that vision...

Be Kind to Yourself Book

Authored by our Founder & CEO, Jeanette Knutti, our team is excited to announce that 'Be Kind to Yourself' is now available on Kickstarter. This social emotional learning (SEL) children's book was written to help kids develop self love and is Moxie Marketing's first physical product to put more love into the world.

As a marketing company, this book is an example of our team's creativity and design capabilities. As a purpose-driven company and a Mental Health Action Day partner, this book is an example of our commitment to create for good and to create with heart.

Speaking of heart, we recently came across this YouTube video from the Dali Lama Center that shares why "educating the heart" (social emotional learning) is important:

Social emotional learning is important to us because we believe it is interconnected to mental health. Jeanette lost her husband Josh to suicide in April 2021. She wrote the book in loving memory of him and shared the inspiration behind the book in this episode of the Sharing Goodwill podcast.

We launched the Kickstarter campaign to bring the book to the world. Our goal of $3,000 was created to print and ship a small batch of 100 books and to get the book listed on sites like Amazon through BookBaby's global network of online retailers.

After surpassing the goal in only 12 hours and hearing from local teachers about the need for social emotional learning content in the classroom, we were inspired to create a lesson plan that teachers can use with the book.

At the time of writing this blog post, we have met our goal and are working toward meeting our stretch goal of $12,000 which will fund the printing of 1,000 books. This makes our hearts so happy because the extra books will be donated to teachers, nonprofits and little libraries.

If you would like to be part of the group of people who bring this book to the world, please consider making a pledge. In doing so, you can choose from awesome rewards such as being among the first to receive a signed copy of the book to having copies of the book donated to teachers, nonprofits, and little libraries.

The campaign ends on May 14th at 6:48AM. Stay tuned for an update next week and remember to be kind to yourself!


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