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Creating a Collaborative Community of Kindness in Orange County

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Moxie Marketing is proud to be a Community Kindness Partner with Let’s Be Kind!

Never underestimate the power of committed young people! Five years ago, an 8th grade student from Orange County, CA named Rebekah thought that maybe we could do more to promote kindness in the world. And then she did something about it by starting a nonprofit called Let’s Be Kind, whose mission is to cultivate a culture of kindness in local schools.

Fast forward to July of 2023, when Moxie Marketing, also located in Orange County, released a children’s book titled Be Kind To Yourself. Jeanette Knutti, author of the book and Moxie’s very own founder and CEO, saw an immediate opportunity to collaborate with Let’s Be Kind in the community. Both organizations have a shared vision of social and emotional learning with a focus on kindness, so it felt like a natural fit.

As an official Community Kindness Partner, Moxie Marketing’s sponsorship will bring kindness to a nearby local elementary school by bringing in unique and fun events and partnering with the student body.

Here at Moxie, we believe in the value and long-term benefits of teaching children to be kind to themselves and then turning that kindness out into the world. CEO Jeanette Knutti says, "I believe that when we are kind to ourselves, we can be kind to others. We are proud to sponsor a nonprofit that shares a passion for making a difference through kindness.”

You can find out more about Let’s Be Kind here:


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