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Coming in 2 Weeks - Our Monthly Marketing Membership with HEART

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

In June, we started building the Nonprofit Marketing Academy, a heart-centered monthly marketing membership for nonprofits, and I intended to provide real-time updates.

We are 2 weeks away from the launch and I missed the opportunity to provide updates despite knowing the power of leadership sharing real-time.


I've struggled to write from the heart despite the amazing things unfolding for the Nonprofit Marketing Academy and in my personal life. It's almost as if I've been holding my breath with words stuck in my throat...

And if I am honest, it's because I let fear have a stronger grip than my heart.

I'm sharing this because, if I experienced this, chances are that you might relate as a nonprofit leader or professional. Our visions to create things with big impact can be scary because they require faith, trust, support, grit and perseverance to bring them to life. There is usually no roadmap except to follow your heart and trust that you were given the vision for a reason.

And that's also the beauty of our monthly membership. It's not all about generic checklist marketing and strategies. The nonprofit world can be messy and scary and we want to help you stay connected to your heart, so you can bring your visions for change to life. That's why we have a loving warrior track designed for YOUR heart.

We also believe that sharing authentic content from the heart when you can is much more effective than sharing generic content just to put something out. If we can all get better and more consistent at sharing vulnerably and sharing from the heart, the better all of our marketing efforts will be.

I'm blessed to have an amazing team who helps keep this train full steam ahead even when we aren't shouting from the rooftops. The great news is that we've created a sustainable and consistent communication plan designed to deliver lots of value for all of our monthly members — we'll teach you how to do this too so even if you get disconnected from your heart, you still have valuable content reaching your supporters.

PS- If you are interested in learning more about our monthly membership, click here to join our waitlist.


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