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New Book Supports Kids' Mental Health as They Return to School

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Lauren Walsh

Citrus Public Relations


August 1, 2022

New Book Supports Kids' Mental Health as They Return to School

'Be Kind to Yourself' empowers kids to love themselves

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA: Jeanette Knutti, founder of Moxie Marketing Agency, a company that prides itself on doing 'marketing with heart,' unveils a new book titled “Be Kind to Yourself” that supports kids' mental health. In colorful illustrated pages of the book, a story of finding one’s true worth unfolds; inspiring a journey of warmth, friendship and community. It’s a story of learning to develop self love through positive self-talk and value based ideals into a child’s life.

The book is at the heart of the new campaign to teach kids to “‘be kind to yourself” with a series of resources available including classroom activities, social media calls to action and interactive elements to get readers to think about the things they like about themselves, thereby creating an opportunity for parents, teachers and caregivers to inspire teachable moments about self love.

Be Kind to Yourself was written to provide an opportunity for kids to learn compassion and acceptance of themselves. Jeanette wrote the book in loving memory of her late husband Josh Knutti, host of the popular podcast “Overcoming You,” in hopes to inspire a movement he started that plants a seed of self-love for all readers of the book. She shared, "even though the book is not going to replace him…the impact of the book will further his legacy of helping others." She added, “Imagine a world where everyone loved themselves. I'd bet we wouldn't have a mental health epidemic.”

Heading into a new school year, in a COVID era and social media-encompassing world, teaching our kids the importance of loving themselves is more valuable than ever. To encourage this book to be used as a teaching tool for parents and in schools, Jeanette brought in an experienced teacher to develop a lesson plan to bring the book and its message to homes and classrooms across the country.

As demonstrated through a recent Kickstarter campaign where the book was backed with over $13,000 in support and received a "project we love" badge as a "brilliant example of creativity," the idea to support children’s mental health through self-love is one people are ready to get behind. The funds from the Kickstarter campaign were used to print 1,000 copies of the book. 500 of those copies will be donated thanks to the generous support of backers; 400 to SoCal teachers, little libraries, and nonprofits; and 100 to the first K-3 teachers to fill out this form.

You may pre-order a book on Amazon or visit to find downloadables (lesson plans for teachers and parents and a resource sheet for parents), access to the social media community, and book store locations. The book will be available starting August 26th. All proceeds from book sales will help provide more books for the community.

For more information and to preorder the book visit their website HERE

The link to more visuals can be found HERE.


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